Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Girls Night FOTN!!!

Hey guys!!

Another face of the night- Had a girls night & decided to go a bit more dramatic with the lips & eyes.
What I'm Wearing -
Eyes- Lancome eyeshadows, 2Tru Eyeliner, Hello Kitty Lashes, DB Black Mascara.
Lips- Sportsgirl Tutti Frutti Lipstick.
Face- Max Factor Pan Stick Foundations in Olive & Deep Olive, BYS Loose Powder in Medium Light, Maybelline FIX Concealer in 235, Elf Contour Palette, Australis HD Blush, Inglot Shimmer Brick.

xXx Much Love xXx

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

FOTD! Shops & daywear

Todays look:
Using my new Hello Kitty Eye Pencil <3 So much LOVE!

Products used: CHI CHI - Eyeshadow pallete
Lancome Eyeshadow pallete (brows)
Hello Kitty Eye Pencil In Black
M.A.C studio fix fluid NC35
Australis translucent powder
Maybelline Highlighter /concealer duo
DB Lipliner
Models Inc. Lipstick frost
DB Mascara in Blackest Black
Elf Contour Kit

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Current Skincare Routine -Winter

Hey Boos!
Weather is changing & so is my skincare! Even though I am definetly oily/combination type, my dryer areas of my face are drying out even more than usual, which I am noticing through my makeup. Even though I have had some crappy break outs here and there, I think I have minimised it by following this routine. OBVIOUSLY this wont work for everyone!! But it works for me. And I am enjoying the products I have been using. Let me know if you would like any reviews on these products. :) Sme photos at the end.

  1. CLEANSER - I Cleanse twice with APIVITA Cleansing Gel for Oily/Combination. This takes away these grease and grime day & night I LOVE the fresh feeling after. Can't explain my love for this brand!!
  2. SCRUB - I try & do this every day atleast once. I'm still looking for my HG scrub, At the moment liking DR LEWINS Facial Polishing Gel.
  3. TONER - YOU MUST TONE!!!!!!!! I think I have panic attacks when I start to end a bottle of toner. You need to restore the PH balance. I really think using toner has helped blemishes! They say if you have oily skin to stay clear of Alcohol based toners/products, even though it will feel amazing at first, you will later produce DOUBLE the normal oil amount & thats nasty. Im using CLEAN & CLEAR Oil-free toner, smells so nice!
  4. MOISTERISER- It has taken me so long to find a moisteriser than doesn't make me feel greasy! Finally I have found NEUTROGENA moisteriser for Combination skin. 
  5. EYE CREAM - Liking LACURA Age Vitale Eye cream.
  6. ACNE CREAM - CLEARASIL Rapid Action Spot Treatment! Good stuff.
  7. FACIAL MIST- AVENE thermal Spring water, I'm loving facial sprays. This was on sale so I thought I'd try it out. I prefer EVIAN's version though.

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xXx Much Love xXx

Thursday, 10 May 2012


Picked up a few instore & online products this week, thought I'd share with you guys :)

I've seen soooo many reviews & hauls on 'ELF' products, and finding they had an Australian site I was keen to try it for myself.
If you purchase a minimum of $30AUD worth of products- shipping is FREE in Aus :) i was so excited to also recieve a free gift with my purchase!

1. ELF Concealer Pallette in "Light".
2. ELF Contour Kit.
3.ELF Large Angle Brush.
4. ELF Small Crease Brush.
5. Nutragena Moisteriser for "Oily/Combination".
6. L.A Colours Nail Deco in "Bubble Gum"
7&8. Max Factor Pan Stick in "Olive" & "Deep Olive". Cream Foundations..
9. ELF Pressed Powder in "Honey".
10. My FREE eyeshadow Pallete in "Butternut" from ELF :) Thanking you.
10. Equip "Desserts" Lip Balm Set -"Caramel Surprise", "Napolitan Cake", "Vanilla Frosting", "Strawberry Swirl", "Maple Syrup" & "Banana Split" (Which I gave to my sister lol).- These smell AMAZING!!!.


Please let me know if you have any of these products, & your experience with them. :)

xXx Much Love xXx

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Crimped Hair

I decided to Crimp my hair randomly as I haven't used my Crimper in SO LONG!! I also crimped my mums too :P she has Blonde hair so you can see the crimped design better ofcourse. I will try & get a pic of hers if she lets me :).
Crimping your hair makes it feel & look so thick and lovely, and because I straightened my hair before I crimped it my hair looks Pin straight but with volume! I will definetly be doing this more often!!
** I used a CUTEX Crimping Iron** I teamed this hairstyle with a soft smokey arabic double edged eye and pale pink lips.
Products Used:- 

  • Sportsgirl "Time To Shine" Bronze Pallete
  • Sportsgirl "Beauty Queen" Creme Lipstick
  • Maybelline "Eye studio" Gel liner in "Blackest Black"

LAST 2 PICS-MINI PLATE: feels like a soft straight afro :P
xXx ** Much Love ** xXx

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Stick On Nails

Arnt these Cross nails ADOREABLE! Im so Orthodox its a bit obvious.
$12.99 FROM DIVA pretty good stayin power 4 pree-glued.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Purchased this Egyptian Eye Necklace from Love Couture <3 

Monday, 9 April 2012


Going somewhere special or staying in - Soft pinks,purples and blacks create an ideal pretty look for Mother's Day that isn;t over the top or too dramatic. Team this with a pretty pink/mauve blush and baby pink lips with a clear glitter gloss to bring it all together. You can wear this soft look with any type of clothing, casual or going out with some pink pumps & your all set.

♥Thank you to my model Doula for being so patient with me - too much kouvendes & kaffe!♥

Products used: Eyes- Face Of Australia Eye Primer, Kiko Light Impulse Eye shadow palette, Lancome Eye shadow palette, Napoleon Perdis China Doll Eyeliner in Silver, Miki Glitter Liner in Black, Mary Kay Mascara in Black.
Face- Napoleon Perdis Two-In-One Foundation & Concealer Pot in No.2, W7 Highlighter/Correcter, Maybelline FIT Powder in 235, Chanel Blush in Tweed Coral, M.A.C Bronzer.
Lips- DB Lipliner in Pink, Sportsgirl Lipstick in Beauty Queen Creme, M.A.C Lipglass, Inglot Highlighter Shimmer Powder.

xXx Much  Love xXx

Thursday, 5 April 2012


I applied for the 5 Day Starter Pack for Combination & Oily Skin on the website. I was pleased to receive the sample pack a week later, which consisted of 10 1.5ml samples to try out.

WHAT NIVEA SAYS: "For combination & oily skin, it is important to cleanse and regulate oil levels daily, while still keeping the skin moisterised, If oily skin is not moisterised, it overcompensates excess oil so the right moisteriser is critical for combination & oily skin- Nivea Daily Essentials care range is formulated perfectly to work with oily and combination skin to deliver fresh shine-free skin"

MY TAKE: Having Oily/Combination skin I need a cleanser that will dry out my skin well enough and a moisteriser that will do it's job- but not make me greasy & shiny throughout the day. I LOVED the feel after using the 2 IN 1 WASH & SCRUB, my face felt so fresh & great, the smell is very calming and not strong. The moisteriser is also a good product, although I still would not use it in the Summer as I still felt  it coming through on my skin after a few hours, but I would recommend this as a great Autumn/Winter Moisteriser! Out of the 2 products I would definetly purchase the WASH&SCRUB.

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xXx Much Love xXx

Saturday, 31 March 2012

My Look for last night's Kaffe date <3
Arabic Double winged Liner & fully contoured face.
Close up of eyes

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Water Colours for Eyes
Blues, Turquoises, Greens- Seem to be used all over the beauty blog/vlog world at the moment! These colours can look great with any eyes, especially if you want to bring out those dark arabic eyes.
Heres two of my looks:

#1 Using Kiko Cosmetics Eyeshadow Pallette - 01 Light Impulse
#2 Using Chi Chi Eye Pencil in Torquoise
I was inspired to do this one morning after watching a tutorial by the well-known  Kandee Johnson on Eyebrow Dotting. I sore alot of dots & quirky patterns with eyeliner while I was in Europe and adored it.
Here's one of mine - I'll definetly be doing more.
You can do this with any type of eyeliner- I used liquid by 2Tru.

xXx Much Love xXx
I'm totally in LOVE with these lashes!!
They arn't Dramatic, but they still give you more length and volume due to the varied sizes of hairs.
They make even a more simple eye look GLAM. I found these lashes at Hot Dollar (AUS) for about $1.99 i think... for all of these!!
which you can see I have used only two so far as they get a few uses out of each pair!
I'll definetly be stocking up!! I don't see the point in paying $18 for a PAIR of lashes..(FFS!!)

xXx Much Love xXx

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Price: $36.00 AUD
What They say-

Description:A dual purpose skin saver that creates a flawless complextion in just two steps. Firstly, apply the light weight, long lasting foundation. The formula has a whipped consistancy and a velvety finish. Secondly, flip the lid on the top, and follow with your matching concealer to mask discoloration, blemishes and dark circles.

Skin Types:All skin types.

My Verdict- What drew me to this product was the fact that it was "Two-In-One" firstly. I was looking for a daytime foundation as I like to keep my treasured M.A.C StudioFix Fluid for nighttime & weekends. The fact that it also came with concealer also made it appealing. 
To use the foundation you must twist the cap open which is fine, the weird part is the applicator given with the product0- a small spatula. At first I thought it would be an easy way to apply the product directly to the skin, but have now come to realise it's a bit annoying & I am wondering how I will be getting the remainder of the product out once the spatula can't reach it anymore. Apart from that I think the product quality wise is pretty good, its definetly not full coverage but a more medium coverage, which stays well. Although they say it is for "All skin types" I would stay away from it if you are Oily/Combination skin, (Which I am), I find it to skin after an hour or so, maybe a bit longer. But it wuld be great for Normal/Dry Skin. The Concealer is in the cap with a white (highlighter) star in the middle- I do not mind this concealer it works well with the foundation but it is definetly a light coverage. Only downfall would be the price and lack of colour range.
Wear this with a translucent powder over the top for a beautiful finish.

xXx Much Love xXx 

Arabic Inspired Double-Winged Smokey
This look does take more effort than a normal Smokey Eye- But daymmm the amount of compliments you get are worth it!!
*Tip* To get that winged effect, use Sticky Tape  - Just place the tape where you desire your wings & use it as a guide. Less messy and great when your a beginner at an Arabic Eye.
I teamed this with a nice Nude Lip- BYS Lipstick in Champagne Rain.
XxX Much Love XxX

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My "LOOK AT ME!!" Lips of the month.
I know this is nothing "new", but most of us (and me!) are/and have been for quite a while been rocking the "Nude Lip/Natural Lip" which is ofcourse total GLAM, but ladies try and step away from your Safe ZONE i like to refer to it for atleast ONE night when you want to feel extra special ;) maybe extra attention even! And try a Bright lip!! Doesn't have to be pink- can be orange, coral, purple, mauve for example.

*Tip* For that FULLER sexy lip- Colour your lips in with your chosen lip liner, than your lipstick, and lastly your gloss & BOOM. Sexual ;)
I'd love to see what my readers are capable of! Photo responses please :D
xXx Much Love xXx