Friday, 28 June 2013

Back to blogging with a different view on everything 2013 :)

Hiya !!! Wow its been a LONG -ASS time since I have been on here! I've actually got some followers to! Thank youuuuuu !! 
I think what I will do is re-introduce myself and my reason for Mediterranean Glam Blog, I was a different person when I started this blog to who I am today and my view on everything glamorous and beautiful has definitely been  altered - for the better I hope :)
So here I am, Nikki. To say an obsession with makeup and beauty products would be pretty on point. Over the years I noticed that youtube, beauty mags, etc don't really adhere to our (mediterranean/ethnic girl) needs like they do with fair/darker skin tones - WE ARE IN ZEEE MIDDLE!! What about us? So I always wanted to give out information, and helpful tips for the girls that I can relate to after years of trial/erroring products, and applications. 
No we are not pink toned, no we are not NC25, but I feel when you go to some counters they quickly look at our dark features and be all "oh definetly NC45" or "yes you would look great with pale lavender blush" you know what I mean yeah? 
I'm not saying that us Mediterranean Glamours should just stick to whats COMFORTABLE - no way that's boring as fckkk, be creative muck around with colours and find what suits your complexion. 
I feel like highlighting & contouring are our best friends - we definitely can get away with even the most precise / full face contours everyday then maybe a fairer woman that's for sure!
I spent a long time observing how Mediterranean women get dolled up when I lived in Cyprus - they got it down pat man!! Never a fail.  

So thats my intro - I hope you enjoy my rambles :)