Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Current Skincare Routine -Winter

Hey Boos!
Weather is changing & so is my skincare! Even though I am definetly oily/combination type, my dryer areas of my face are drying out even more than usual, which I am noticing through my makeup. Even though I have had some crappy break outs here and there, I think I have minimised it by following this routine. OBVIOUSLY this wont work for everyone!! But it works for me. And I am enjoying the products I have been using. Let me know if you would like any reviews on these products. :) Sme photos at the end.

  1. CLEANSER - I Cleanse twice with APIVITA Cleansing Gel for Oily/Combination. This takes away these grease and grime day & night I LOVE the fresh feeling after. Can't explain my love for this brand!!
  2. SCRUB - I try & do this every day atleast once. I'm still looking for my HG scrub, At the moment liking DR LEWINS Facial Polishing Gel.
  3. TONER - YOU MUST TONE!!!!!!!! I think I have panic attacks when I start to end a bottle of toner. You need to restore the PH balance. I really think using toner has helped blemishes! They say if you have oily skin to stay clear of Alcohol based toners/products, even though it will feel amazing at first, you will later produce DOUBLE the normal oil amount & thats nasty. Im using CLEAN & CLEAR Oil-free toner, smells so nice!
  4. MOISTERISER- It has taken me so long to find a moisteriser than doesn't make me feel greasy! Finally I have found NEUTROGENA moisteriser for Combination skin. 
  5. EYE CREAM - Liking LACURA Age Vitale Eye cream.
  6. ACNE CREAM - CLEARASIL Rapid Action Spot Treatment! Good stuff.
  7. FACIAL MIST- AVENE thermal Spring water, I'm loving facial sprays. This was on sale so I thought I'd try it out. I prefer EVIAN's version though.

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