Saturday, 31 March 2012

My Look for last night's Kaffe date <3
Arabic Double winged Liner & fully contoured face.
Close up of eyes

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Water Colours for Eyes
Blues, Turquoises, Greens- Seem to be used all over the beauty blog/vlog world at the moment! These colours can look great with any eyes, especially if you want to bring out those dark arabic eyes.
Heres two of my looks:

#1 Using Kiko Cosmetics Eyeshadow Pallette - 01 Light Impulse
#2 Using Chi Chi Eye Pencil in Torquoise
I was inspired to do this one morning after watching a tutorial by the well-known  Kandee Johnson on Eyebrow Dotting. I sore alot of dots & quirky patterns with eyeliner while I was in Europe and adored it.
Here's one of mine - I'll definetly be doing more.
You can do this with any type of eyeliner- I used liquid by 2Tru.

xXx Much Love xXx
I'm totally in LOVE with these lashes!!
They arn't Dramatic, but they still give you more length and volume due to the varied sizes of hairs.
They make even a more simple eye look GLAM. I found these lashes at Hot Dollar (AUS) for about $1.99 i think... for all of these!!
which you can see I have used only two so far as they get a few uses out of each pair!
I'll definetly be stocking up!! I don't see the point in paying $18 for a PAIR of lashes..(FFS!!)

xXx Much Love xXx

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Price: $36.00 AUD
What They say-

Description:A dual purpose skin saver that creates a flawless complextion in just two steps. Firstly, apply the light weight, long lasting foundation. The formula has a whipped consistancy and a velvety finish. Secondly, flip the lid on the top, and follow with your matching concealer to mask discoloration, blemishes and dark circles.

Skin Types:All skin types.

My Verdict- What drew me to this product was the fact that it was "Two-In-One" firstly. I was looking for a daytime foundation as I like to keep my treasured M.A.C StudioFix Fluid for nighttime & weekends. The fact that it also came with concealer also made it appealing. 
To use the foundation you must twist the cap open which is fine, the weird part is the applicator given with the product0- a small spatula. At first I thought it would be an easy way to apply the product directly to the skin, but have now come to realise it's a bit annoying & I am wondering how I will be getting the remainder of the product out once the spatula can't reach it anymore. Apart from that I think the product quality wise is pretty good, its definetly not full coverage but a more medium coverage, which stays well. Although they say it is for "All skin types" I would stay away from it if you are Oily/Combination skin, (Which I am), I find it to skin after an hour or so, maybe a bit longer. But it wuld be great for Normal/Dry Skin. The Concealer is in the cap with a white (highlighter) star in the middle- I do not mind this concealer it works well with the foundation but it is definetly a light coverage. Only downfall would be the price and lack of colour range.
Wear this with a translucent powder over the top for a beautiful finish.

xXx Much Love xXx 

Arabic Inspired Double-Winged Smokey
This look does take more effort than a normal Smokey Eye- But daymmm the amount of compliments you get are worth it!!
*Tip* To get that winged effect, use Sticky Tape  - Just place the tape where you desire your wings & use it as a guide. Less messy and great when your a beginner at an Arabic Eye.
I teamed this with a nice Nude Lip- BYS Lipstick in Champagne Rain.
XxX Much Love XxX

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My "LOOK AT ME!!" Lips of the month.
I know this is nothing "new", but most of us (and me!) are/and have been for quite a while been rocking the "Nude Lip/Natural Lip" which is ofcourse total GLAM, but ladies try and step away from your Safe ZONE i like to refer to it for atleast ONE night when you want to feel extra special ;) maybe extra attention even! And try a Bright lip!! Doesn't have to be pink- can be orange, coral, purple, mauve for example.

*Tip* For that FULLER sexy lip- Colour your lips in with your chosen lip liner, than your lipstick, and lastly your gloss & BOOM. Sexual ;)
I'd love to see what my readers are capable of! Photo responses please :D
xXx Much Love xXx

Hey Guys!!
To start off my blog site I thought I'd start off with a Makeup look I created. I am still getting use to the site so bare with me :)
This is a brown/neutral blended smokey eye look with a bright pink lip.
I wore this look for a weekly coffee date with my friends, sexy suttle smokey eyes with a bright lip for that extra POP!

Products used for this look:

Eyes - Sportsgirl "Time to Shine" Bronze Cosmetic Pallete. (Unfortunately they do not state the names of each shadow).
          Napoleon Perdis Set Eye Primer
          2Tru Waterproof Eyeliner in Black
          DB "Blackest Black" Mascara
          My Accessory Glamour Lashes in "Style #11"
Lips - Catwalk Lipstick in "Sydney"
          DB Lipliner in "630 Pink"

Face - M.A.C StudioFix Fluid in "NC42"
           M.A.C StudioFix Concealer in "NC 35"
          M.A.C Blotting Pressed Powder in "Dark"
          GOSH Primer
          Chanel Blush in "Tweed Coral"
          Napoleon Perdis Mosaic Bronzer

If you would like a review on any of these products let me know & I would be glad to do them.