Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My "LOOK AT ME!!" Lips of the month.
I know this is nothing "new", but most of us (and me!) are/and have been for quite a while been rocking the "Nude Lip/Natural Lip" which is ofcourse total GLAM, but ladies try and step away from your Safe ZONE i like to refer to it for atleast ONE night when you want to feel extra special ;) maybe extra attention even! And try a Bright lip!! Doesn't have to be pink- can be orange, coral, purple, mauve for example.

*Tip* For that FULLER sexy lip- Colour your lips in with your chosen lip liner, than your lipstick, and lastly your gloss & BOOM. Sexual ;)
I'd love to see what my readers are capable of! Photo responses please :D
xXx Much Love xXx


  1. Love that colour!


  2. Thanks gorjuzz :D its sexual !
    i followed ur blog x

  3. Is this MAC St Germain? Its gorgeous I use a slightly darker pink round the lipline and this in the centre for an ombred look it looks fab x

    1. No! This is Catwalk's "Sydney" :) Wayyyy cheaper hahah xx