Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Price: $36.00 AUD
What They say-

Description:A dual purpose skin saver that creates a flawless complextion in just two steps. Firstly, apply the light weight, long lasting foundation. The formula has a whipped consistancy and a velvety finish. Secondly, flip the lid on the top, and follow with your matching concealer to mask discoloration, blemishes and dark circles.

Skin Types:All skin types.

My Verdict- What drew me to this product was the fact that it was "Two-In-One" firstly. I was looking for a daytime foundation as I like to keep my treasured M.A.C StudioFix Fluid for nighttime & weekends. The fact that it also came with concealer also made it appealing. 
To use the foundation you must twist the cap open which is fine, the weird part is the applicator given with the product0- a small spatula. At first I thought it would be an easy way to apply the product directly to the skin, but have now come to realise it's a bit annoying & I am wondering how I will be getting the remainder of the product out once the spatula can't reach it anymore. Apart from that I think the product quality wise is pretty good, its definetly not full coverage but a more medium coverage, which stays well. Although they say it is for "All skin types" I would stay away from it if you are Oily/Combination skin, (Which I am), I find it to skin after an hour or so, maybe a bit longer. But it wuld be great for Normal/Dry Skin. The Concealer is in the cap with a white (highlighter) star in the middle- I do not mind this concealer it works well with the foundation but it is definetly a light coverage. Only downfall would be the price and lack of colour range.
Wear this with a translucent powder over the top for a beautiful finish.

xXx Much Love xXx 

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